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10 Exercise Hacks to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

What's your daily routine look like?

Challenge yourself to implement some simple and practical ways to create a more active lifestyle. Don't underestimate the power of small incremental change. A little change each day, equates to large, long term habits.

1. Commute. Change the way you travel from place to place. Instead of spending the time driving and sitting. You can walk or cycle where applicable.

2. Take The Stairs. When they are available, use them.

3. Park Farther Away. It sounds like nothing. Doing this often, combined with others on the list will actually make a difference.

4. Walk the Dog. It's easy, enjoyable, you'll have a happy dog, and it adds up quick.

5. Active Vacations. Hiking, rock climbing, walks on the beach, swimming, surfing, etc. Make activity a priority during your vacation, a lot of times you will find it's even more relaxing and enjoyable. 

6. Family Fun. Go to the park, community pool, play a sport. Get the kids involved, it's a great experience and healthy physically for the whole family.

7. Standing Desk. Standing desks are nothing ground breaking but when you stand more often, your are more prone to move around and be more active. 

8. Change Exercise. Make exercise fun, it's only a matter of time before you ditch a boring exercise routine. Don't be afraid to mix things up, the biggest battle is adhering to a consistent routine.

9. Track Progress. We respond to a visual representation of our lifestyle. Something as easy as a wearable technology device can persuade us to get more active more often.

10. Morning Exercise. Studies show that people who have a morning exercise routine are more likely to stay consistent with their training. Plus, it's a perfect way to create a frame of mind that has exercise and activity as a priority.


Everyone is different, not all of these will apply to you. If you see something that sticks out to you, have a goal to consistently achieve it. Once you've hit your goal, choose another.

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