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The Importance of Tracking Your Food Consumption

Ditch your cookie-cutter meal plan and start tracking your own food consumption.

I want to share with you why tracking your consumption is one of the best ways to succeed in reaching your nutrition goal and maintaining it.

Knowledge is Power

Many people mindlessly consume calories without really knowing what they are ingesting. By starting to track your nutrition you realize what is in the food you are consuming.

Healthy Decisions

You're learning! Now that you know what's in the food you are consuming, you will naturally make healthier decisions. This will then create new eating habits that will last and keep you on the right track.


Remember when I said to ditch your cookie-cutter meal plan? Well this is why. Strict meal plans are not advantageous for your ultimate goal of living a healthier lifestyle. They promote the restrict and binge, yo-yo dieting trap that a lot of us fall into.

Instead, you will be able to look at your current habits and learn to make realistic daily decisions that will in the end, add up to a healthy balanced diet. 

Trust the Process

This whole process is wrapped up with a gift that allows you to achieve everything I mentioned without tracking ever again. You have put in the work to create this foundation of knowledge. If you find yourself not sure about the food you're consuming, you haven't done it long enough. If you generally have a good idea, you're on your way to success!


My favorite way to track my consumption is through apps. I prefer MyFitnessPal but there are many out there.

I hope this helps you put your mind in the right place to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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