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Top 4 Reasons You're Not Achieving the Body of Your Dreams

The biggest reason someone starts exercising or making nutritional changes is because they want to lose body fat. Some succeed, some don't. One thing they both have in common is at some point or another they stop. Some don't reach there goal and others flat out never start.

I'm going to show you what are the top reasons I believe you are not reaching your weight loss goal, and ultimately fall short.

1. Not Tracking Your Food. You must learn what you are intaking before you make change. Learning what you are consuming is one of the best places to start. Small incremental change can add up to big changes long term. Tracking your food allows you to analyze your intake and make realistic goals. The best part of tracking is that you don't have to do it forever. Overtime you learn what is in the majority of the food you are consuming.

2. Creating Unattainable Long Term Goals. The best diet is the one you can stick with. Many people including myself get caught up in making big life change in short periods of time. Creating lifestyle and behavior changes connected to exercise and nutrition will stick with you long term and ultimately get you to your end goal. 

3. Cardio, Cardio, and More Cardio. We have been taught that the best way to loose weight is to do cardio. Don't get me wrong, being active is extremely beneficial to your success. In most cases, doing cardio will tip the numbers on the scale in your favor. However, remember that we want to create long term success. Is doing an hour of cardio a day something you can do forever? If it's not, then change your focus to put on more muscle. Building muscle will help increase your metabolism, muscle burns a much higher percentage of calories while at rest. The idea is to get to a place where you can attain the body and health you desire without extreme dieting or cardio because you have ensured your body is burning sufficient calories.

4. Exercising for Endurance, Not for Strength. What is strength training? Strength training is exercising for optimal muscle strength, this is done through lower rep ranges and heavier load. A great strength routine paired with healthy nutritional habits will ensure muscle growth. Muscle growth will elicit physical body changes, and ensure a faster metabolism.

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